Pilot Training

Flying Panthers provides a cost-effective alternative to flight instruction.  We are a membership based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing flight training for primary and advanced pilot certificates and ratings.


  • Single-engine membership: $350/year (cash/check, $358.18 credit/PayPal). *Effective September 1, 2018
  • Multi-engine membership:  $150/year (cash/check, $153.68 credit/PayPal).

Please note that as of January 2017, we have a waiting list for new members due to a shortage of available aircraft and flight instructors. We expect to have additional aircraft online soon and we are always looking for quality flight instructors. If you have any questions about our waiting list or the current status, please call or e-mail.

Flight Instruction hourly rates:

  • Basic instruction (Private Pilot): $15/hr.
  • Advanced instruction (Instrument/Commercial/CFI/CFII): $25/hr.
  • Multi-engine instruction: $30/hr.

Certificates and ratings offered:


Flying Panthers uses Gleim curriculum for all certificates and ratings.  Pilot kits may be purchased through Flying Panthers at a discount.